All Minmetal International Ltd. was founded in 2006 Beijing, it belongs to HaoTian Steel Group, mainly responsible for producing and exporting all kinds of ferroalloys, cored wire raw materials, cored wires and cement additives. Depending on the HaoTian Steel Group's strong financial support and its numbers of ferroalloys plants and cement additives plants, All Minmetal International Ltd. won a good reputation in fews years, simultaneously also had the big influence in the profession. We are in the leading position in the silicon calcium as well as the silica fume production and exporting.

In 2007, All Minmetal Int'l Ltd. exports nearly 10000 tons of silicon calcium, occupied near 20% of the exporting market, in the same year exports approximately 3000 tons of calcium metal, the company has become the one of largest supplier for raw material of cored wires.

In 2007, we export nearly 40000 tons of silica fume, has also become one of largest manufacturer and supplier for silica fume。

In GGBFS/GGBS, we are the strong agent of a couple of big manufacturers for GGBSF/GBFS, supply about 40000 tons monthly.

In 2008, we established a new branch in Dubai UAE, is mainly responsible for silica fume,GGBFS,ferro alloys and steels business in the Middle East Marketing.

In 2009, we have a new office in Brazil, mainly responsible for ferro alloys and steels in the South American market, and slao for purchasing manganese ore and iron ore in Brazil.


+ Silica Fume
+ Fly Ash

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